Applying Drop/Tilt Shift and Blur/Tear Effects To Your Instagram Photos

News 05:06 June 2024:

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Over the past few years instagram has grown to become one of the most preferred social media platforms for users across the world.  Additionally, many companies and businesses are striving to remain competitive and attract even more customers. Among the leading advertisement methods today is advertising on social media platforms, including Instagram. In this regard, advertisers need to attract more instagram likes to their posts in order t o make their advertisement campaigns more appealing and attractive. To gain more likes on this platform, you need to post intriguing photos to your target audience. As such you need to make use of the effects mentioned above. Here is how this is done:

  • Open your photo editing tools on this social media platform
  • Select the radial or the linear tilt shift options
  • Now tap the double lines, if you are using the linear tilt shift, or the circle, if you are using the radial tilt shift, to the part of the photo where you would like to add the effect.
  • Now tap on the check mark to have the effect saved.

If you would like to remove the effect, you should select on the tilt shift off option prior to saving the photo. This among the many ways you can attract Instagram likes to your posts.